Oilbrusher Starship Bay Sludge (10ml)

Oilbrusher Starship Bay Sludge (10ml)
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  • A.MIG 3532
Oil paint with fine brush applicator. Contains: 10 mL. This unique oil color is all you need to... mehr
Produktinformationen "Oilbrusher Starship Bay Sludge (10ml)"
Oil paint with fine brush applicator. Contains: 10 mL.

This unique oil color is all you need to create highly stained areas on spaceships. This color is also effective for groundwork and heavily weathered or abandoned military vehicles.

The new OILBRUSHER is the ultimate innovative modeling product. OILBRUSHER contains high quality oil paint specifically formulated for modeling use, diluted to the perfect consistency to be applied straight from the jar. The cap has an exclusive built-in high-precision brush used to apply the color directly onto your model, without having to put the oil paint on a palette or a piece of cardboard. This evolution prevents the oil from drying out and wasting product unnecessarily. Furthermore, the modern container includes a dispenser-cleaner system that removes the excess paint from the brush, leaving just the right amount in the tip. Traditional oil paint tubes were messy to use and difficult to open when the oil paint dries around the cap causing it to become stuck. This doesn´t happen with the OILBRUSHER, it is always clean and always stable. Besides all of these advantages, this revolutionary design also saves product and cost in the long run, particularly when considering OILBRUSHER is less expensive than traditional oil paints on the market.

The OILBRUSHER color range includes the most common shades used in scale models, avoiding unnecessary tones that would remain unused on the bench. Panting with oils has never been so fun and simple. OILBRUSHER is your oil paint with built-in applicator brush; a unique and exclusive AMMO product.
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