French Army infantry

French Army infantry
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The French army started World War II as the most powerful army in the world. Well-equipped,... mehr
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The French army started World War II as the most powerful army in the world. Well-equipped, with excellent tanks and artillery, the infantry divisions were numerous and confident of fighting off the hated Boche as they had twenty-two years before. This was not the same war though, and the French infantrymen found themselves all too often fighting off German armoured units which had outmanoeuvred them as the Blitzkrieg rolled across Europe. 

It was for the honour of France and their regiments that so many Frenchmen dug in and fought it out against a more tactically advanced foe. Resolutely fighting against the sweeping offensives of the German invaders, the French gave their all at battles such as Hannut, Arra, Boulogne and Saumur. 

Many brave Frenchmen went on to fight against the Allies with Vichy France, ensuring admiration and loathing in equal measure, whilst others would return to France with the Allied invasion in 1944 to reclaim their homeland... 

This incredibly versatile plastic boxed set allows you to assemble the miniatures as regular French Army infantry, fortress troops, chasseurs à pied, engineers or colonial troops (Algerian, Moroccan or Tunisian). 

Box contains 30 multi-pose plastic infantry with plastic bases and full colour waterslide decal sheet. 

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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